The Buffa Distribution pro shop offers the greatest amount of brands in the bowling world. We have the largest selection of consumer products such as balls, bags, shoes, accessories and apparel for bowling. We also offer several services to duckpin/fivepin or tenpin bowlers. Want to get a new ball drilled, engrave your initials, or even decrease the diameter of your duckpin bowling balls? At Buffa, we have it!



Drilling (finger & thumb inserts not included)  
Conventional $15
Finger Tips $25
Tenpin ball that was not purchased in-store $75


Diameter Reduction  
Duckpin/fivepin ball 1/8” (set) $50
Duckpin/fivepin ball ¼” (set) $60


Laser Engraving  
Initials and/or name on 2 duckpin/fivepin balls $10
Initials and/or name on 1 tenpin ball $10
Design on 2 duckpin/fivepin balls* $20
Design on 1 tenpin ball* $20
* A $30 surcharge will be applied if you are unable to provide us with a vectorized artwork.



Light Sanding or Polishing  
1 tenpin or 2 duckpin/fivepin $10
1 tenpin or 2 duckpin/fivepin $40
Oil Extraction (max 30 mins) $1/min
General Repairs  
Each $10


Plug & Redrill  
Full ball $50
2 fingers or thumb $25
Ball Weight Verification & Arsenal Certification for Tournaments  
Per ball $5


Urethane thumb slug (1), drilled and installed $25
Rubber fingers inserts (2), installed $12
Vinyl pre-drilled thumb insert (1), installed $12
Removable interchangeable thumb insert (Turbo or Vise) $35
Locking mechanism for interchangeable thumb system (Turbo or Vise) $25


Tenpin Bowling Lesson  
1 hour lesson 1 person $75
2 hour lesson 1 person $125
2 hour lesson 1 person $150
2 hour lesson 2 people $250


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