We are the largest bowling products distributor in Canada. We do not only have a distribution center, we also have one pro shop ready to serve you for all your personal bowling needs. At Buffa, we are distributor of the best brands in the world of bowling.

A little bit about our story...
In 1980, Frank Buffa replied to the demand by opening one of the first bowling pro shops in Quebec in the basement of his house. By partnering up with some of the best ball drillers of his time, he quickly became the pro shop of choice for many bowlers from across the province. In 1991, “Boutique de Quilles Buffa” moved to a new bowling centre in Laval, the Centre de Quilles 440. By doing so, the pro shop became an ideal destination for league players. A few years later, in 1995, Buffa distribution center was born. The expansion of it continued growing during the following years.

In 2003, we introduced the first training center for bowling in Canada: The Studio Buffa. In 2005, Buffa Distribution became an official re-seller and installer of QubicaAMF’s Capital Equipment products to meet the growing demand for modernization needs of bowling centers. From 2012 to 2015, Buffa Distribution acquired three main competitors: Maurice Boyer Pro Shop, Bowling Sales of Canada and the Bowling division of Sanders.

Today we have over 850 accounts and we have been distributing bowling products in nearly a dozen countries. Buffa Distribution is the leading supplier and sponsor of the CTF for the Canadian Team Trials and the FQQ and Provincial Junior Championships in association with Kegel.

The company employs 24 employees who are all passionate about the sport of bowling and who are themselves experts in their field. The company is an active member of the following associations: East Chamber of Commerce of Montreal Island, Prevention Mutual Group NovoSST Council and AGAPQ. As well as in the field of bowling: BBIA, IBPSIA, USBC Bowl Canada, CTF and FQQ.


We are the Canadian bowling supplier that offers the widest variety of products and exclusive brands. We strive to be the industry experts for all your bowling needs: tenpin, duckpin, fivepin, candlepin, balls, bags, shoes, accessories, machine parts, lane machines, capital equipment installations, scoring modernisations, bowling education and technical training.

Our mission is to offer the very best products and services in the bowling industry while maintaining a rigorous standard in the customer experience in search of continuous quality and satisfaction.

Buffa Distribution delivers the happiness of bowling through its products and services. Everyone looks for amusement, when bowling is the choice, we offer everything that can heighten that sense of pleasure of bowling, whether it be the new bowling ball or the experience of playing on a modern scoring system, we are your partner of choice!

Buffa Distribution, The Bowling Experts™



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Growth / Development / Improvement / Expansion / Futuristic



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Teamwork / Collaboration / Communication



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Passion for the Brand / Best Customer Experience / “Wow” Factor



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“Can Do” Attitude / Independent / Driven / Ability to Adapt / Looking for Solutions


At Buffa Distribution, we STEER together!



Buffa Distribution, The Bowling Experts®


Frank Buffa


Mark Buffa
Chief Executive Officer


Danyck Brière
Director of Operations


Caroline Lagrange
Marketing & HR Director


Michel Martin
Sales Representative - Capital


Jonathan Simoneau
General Manager - Consumer Products & Warehouse

Patricia Pimentel
Operations Assistant

Matys Bibeau
Marketing Production Assistant

Frankie Catanzariti
Customer Service Representative

Art McKee
Customer Service Representative

Evelyn Tanguay
Customer Service Representative

Jean-Pierre Côté
Pro Shop Operator & Retail Specialist


Jonathan Boisvert
Pinsetters & Lane Machines Specialist

Stuart Esdon
Parts Technician - After-Sale Service

Anis Touazine
Parts Technician - After-Sale Service - In Training

Guillaume Nadeau
Tech Support - Training & Software

Anthony Carrier
Tech Support - Management & Software - In Training

Bruno Campanaro
Warehouse Clerk

Christopher Esdon
Warehouse Clerk

Jason Parker
Warehouse Clerk



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