In today's world, things need to be online. Things need to be accessible as they happen. This is why we decided to start our own Livestream solutions for you, our clients. Are you hosting a tournament or a big event in your center? Ask us to Livestream it in order to get an online presence! It is always nice for friends and family to be able to watch from far away when they have close-ones competing.




  • Setup days and Lexer setup included in daily broadcast fee.
  • 500$ per day of being live/managing tournament with Lexer.
  • Flight for staff members
    • Including all overages for excess baggage to bring the streaming equipment
  • Per diem for each staff member (75$ / Day)
  • Room for the entire event including travel/setup days
  • Transportation to and from airport (car rental or uber fares)
  • Transportation to and from location (car rental or uber fares)




  • Livestream would be presented on the Buffa Distribution YouTube channel.
    • Any additional sponsor logos must be provided in PNG format.
  • We cannot broadcast any music on our channel, as it will result in a copy-strike on our channel
  • Livestream team will go live for 8 hours per day only. Any additional hours will be subject to surcharge.
  • Internet speed at the bowling center must be AT LEAST 25mbps Download / 10mbps Upload.
    • Type: “Internet speed test” in Google to get the rating from the center.
  • We require:
    • ONE Ethernet cable from the main router to our streaming desk.
    • ONE power extension to our streaming desk.



Mark Buffa: Lexer setup & Livestream setup

Guillaume Nadeau: Lexer setup & Livestream voice


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