Colour: Purple / Silver

The Mix, like the Polar Ice, features a durable U1S™ first generation urethane coverstock which is more controllable than U2S™ which powers the popular Natural™ series. The Mix’s traditional 3-piece core enhances predictability while the urethane coverstock ensures durability that other materials just can’t offer. And they are available in lighter weights! In addition to the standard 10-16 pound options, Storm is pleased to offer both 6 and 8 pound options as well.

• Release Date: 15/06/2018
• Condition: Light Oil
• Shape: Control
• Box finish: 3500 grit polished
• Rg: 2.69
• Diff: 0.006
• Mid Diff: -
• Core: Traditional 3-piece Core
• Coverstock: U1S Pearl Urethane

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