Blue / White / Orange

The Turmoil Solid is one of the most unique looking balls in bowling. The orange, blue, and white pattern is made of the Composite Hook coverstock, the same cover used on the Creed and Vandal lines can be noticed from a mile away, especially with the amount of hook it creates and the way it sends pins flying.  Both Turmoil balls utilize the Turmoil Symmetric core, the same popular shape used in the popular Freakshow line, but with modified numbers. We raised the RG and lowered the Differential to create a new look on the lanes for the DV8 line. 

• Condition:Medium Oil
• Shape :Aggressive Hook
• Box Finish : 500 Siaair / 4000 Siaair
• Rg: 2.528
• Diff.: 0.042
• Mid Diff.: - 
• Core: Turmoil Symmetric core
• Coverstock: Composite Hook Solid

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